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4 Trails of Ultra Trail & a gold medal for Helen Bonsor

The Mammut Pro Team athlete Helen Bonsor won the Salomon 4 Trails race on June 11. As the name suggests, the event consists of four stages held over a period of four days. Competitors cover a total distance of over 144 km, with an elevation gain of more than 8,000 meters!

Helen Bonsor:“ Winning the Salomon 4 Trails this year was a real dream - I had really focused on this race as a big target for 2015, but you never know how a race is really going to go, until you start! It turned into a very exciting 4 days of racing between myself, Tina Fischl (Asics) and Zhanna Vokueva (Salomon) - each racing as hard as we could; each winning a stage; and each pushing the other on - sport at its best. “